Railtel - IIT Roorkee Centre of Excellence in Telecom

Co ordinator: Prof Dharmendra Singh & Team

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee

Secured and Energy Efficient Anywhere and Anytime Services for Mobile Broadband Users

Principal Investigator

Dr. P. Sateesh Kumar,
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE,
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
E-mail: drpskfec@iitr.ac.in


  • Modelling a framework for providing quality broadband services particularly for multimedia streaming, suitable to the applications like HDTV/UHDTV, for mobile broadband users.
  • Provide anywhere and anytime services with the support of Cloud computing technologies, particularly cloudlets, along with the support from other techniques like offloading, caching, and image rendering.
  • Designing an energy efficient model and innovative algorithms that provide energy efficient media streaming from cloud to a mobile device by utilizing the access technologies (wi-fi and broadband) efficiently.
  • Architecting the algorithms wherever possible and utilizing the existing algorithms more efficiently for making the end-to-end streaming transactions secured.

Salient Features

  • A working model of general Cloud computing environment with two cloudlets is installed in High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab
  • Started providing Secured and Energy efficient video streaming services for mobile devices