Railtel - IIT Roorkee Centre of Excellence in Telecom

Co ordinator: Prof Dharmendra Singh & Team

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee


  • Tremendous growth in telecom industry with more than 1 billion subscribers as of May 2015
  • Necessary to create environment for innovation in technology and also to secure and manage national infrastructure information during peace and disaster
  • Setting up Centres of Excellence (COE) in Public-Private Partnership mode for sustained growth and progress of the country in telecom sector
  • IIT Roorkee has expertise in completion of projects in telecommunication for government, semi government and private organizations
  • DoT in partnership with RailTel, Established ‘Telecom Centre of Excellence’ (TCOE) at IIT Roorkee to work particularly in the area of ICT and broadband application


  • To build excellence at par with world standards on the “ICT and Broadband Applications” domain
  • To develop India specific application that matches with behavioural pattern of the masses and adds value to their day-to-day activities both economic and social
  • To make use of best practices in the world in Indian context and to help create optimal models that avoid duplication and wastage of resources
  • To plan a macro infrastructure that enables a systematic and sustained growth in a cost effective manner 
  • To create a market ready talent pool and continuous talent building endeavor through training of the trainer 
  • To integrate and benchmark technology that can ultimately lead to form standards for manufacturing or rendering services 
  • To create an environment for Innovation in the field of telecom by enabling absorption of the current technology and developing future ready indigenous capability.

Core Group Members